Two-way Digital/Analog radio and radio towers is our business

             Topas Electronics cc and Radio-pro & Industrial cc
We engineer, sell, install, hire and maintain digital and analog two-way radio systems
to the customers requirements.
We own and maintain Hisites (radio towers) in Johannesburg, Germiston, East Rand, West Rand and Pretoria.
Substantial spares stock, quick, reliable and competent workmanship.

Over 30 years experience in the radio communications field in South Africa
with experience and knowledge in radio transmission techniques

South African agent for COSPAL COMPOSITES WWW.COSPAL.IT manufacturers of large parabolic antennae and composite structures

Other activities
Continuous 24/7 solar radio astronomy data collected on behalf of WWW.AAVSO.ORG
and  NOAA   using  multiple radio receivers and a fully automated 4.8 meter radio astronomy parabolic antenna. Software and hardware engineered by Topas.