A trip down memory lane

The first two-way RADIO/AUDIO contact took place in Bologna Italy in 1897 by Mr Guglielmo Marconi, B 1874 D 1937 Nobel prize 1909
A simple electric bell would ring when the radio receiver detected  the signals transmitted by his "spark *" transmitter,
Guglielmo operated the transmitter while his brother manned the receiver and a shotgun.
When he heard the shotgun fired by his brother over a kilometer away every time the bell rang, Mr. Marconi realized his dream of wirele
ss communication had come true, the rest is now!!

* An electric spark discharge in air generates broad band radio waves, light and sound. 

On the left is a replica of one of Marconi's spark transmitters, height 1.5m the rectangular copper sheet is the antenna.

Marconi "ON AIR" at the new Holy See radio station in the Vatican 1931.